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Inspired by the ultra functional crates commonly used in supermarkets and refashioned into stylish colours that fit right in wherever you use them at home. Made from 100% recyclable food safe plastic and designed to fold completely flat, saving 75% of space when not in use.

In our daily life, we need different storage spaces according to our purpose of use and what we plan to put inside. Also the place that we use, it might be determinant to choose the size of the folding crate. Sometimes you need a small folding crate to fit in a small space and sometimes you need a big one.

Dimensions exterior 400 x 300 x 145 mm
Dimensions interior 376 x 276 x 140 mm
height of folded box 27mm
tare weight 450 gram
volume 14,5 liters
loading capacity 8 kg
100% recyclable PP ♷

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